Prayer service in memory of Martyrs

Asmara, Prayer services in memory of martyrs that paid their lives for national independence and safeguarding the national sovereignty were conducted today, 19 June at the Saint Michael Church and Al-Khalfae Al-Rashidin Mosque here in the capital.

The prayer service at Saint Michael Church was held in the morning hours in the presence of His Holiness Abune Lukas, Secretary of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church, religious leaders and a number of the faithful.

Speaking at the event, Merigeta Simon Beyene from the office of the Patriarch called on the faithful to live up to the expectation of those that gave their precious lives for independence and safeguarding the national sovereignty and consolidate unity.

Similarly, a prayer service in memory of the fallen heroes was held at the Al-Khalfae Al-Rashidin Mosque led by Sheik Salem Ibrahim Al Muktar, General Secretary of the Central Office of Eritrean Mufti.

At the event, Sheik Salem Ibrahim said that it is the responsibility of every citizen to support the families of the fallen heroes and heroines that gave their dear lives for independence and national sovereignty.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information