Potable water project put in place in Sheka Wedi-Bisrat

Mendefera, Potable water project has been put in place at the Sheka Wedi-Bsrat elementary and junior school, Mendefera sub-zone. The project worth of over 140 thousand Nakfa was funded by Eritrean American University students, Ms. Tsion Yohannes.

At the ceremony held on 21 June, Ms. Tsion said that she took the initiative to alleviate the potable water shortage of the school by collecting money from her parents and friends and called on others to follow her example.

The administrator of the Sheka Wedi-Bsrat administrative area, Mr. Haile Berhane said that with the exemplary initiative Ms. Tsion took, over 100 meters of water pipe line has been installed from Ginebale River to the school and water pipe line that has been damage has been renovated. He also expressed appreciation in the name of the residents to Ms. Tsion for the initiative she took.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information