Potable water project in Keren

Keren, Potable water supply project in Keren city worth 31 million Nakfa has been finalized and ready to become operational. The project that was implemented in cooperation with the Keren Municipality and stakeholders included installation of water pipe lines, digging wells as well as construction of reservoirs and water distribution centers.

At a ceremony held on 23 February, the administrator of the city, Mr. Zerzghi Dawit said that sustainable effort has been exerted to alleviate the problem of potable water in the city and called for judicious usage.

Commending the strong participation of the residents in the implementation of the project, Mr. Abraha Girmatsion, head of water service, indicated that the project included two water wells, one reservoir, as well as 11 km water pipelines.

According to Mr. Abraha the number of wells has increased from 10 to 24, the number of reservoirs from 2 to 4 and that 80% of the residents will become beneficiaries of potable water supply.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information