Police officer helps woman give birth along the road

RUNDU: Warrant officer, Joel Hamukoto of the Namibia Police Force (NamPol) in the Kavango West Region on Sunday morning helped a woman deliver a baby along the road near Mpungu village in the Kavango West Region.

NamPol Chief Inspector Raimbert Muronga confirmed the incident in the daily crime report on Monday that Hamukoto was driving from Namasira Police Checkpoint at Mpoto village, when he found the woman giving birth.

Muronga said the woman was looking for transport to take her to the nearest clinic.

Hamukoto was allegedly on his way to fetch water for his staff at the Namusira Police Checkpoint when he saw the pregnant woman along the road.

He then observed that the woman was ready to deliver the baby.

After assessing her condition, he then drove to Mpungu clinic to get a health professional who would further assist her as the baby’s head was already crowning.

The woman allegedly gave birth without any complications with the help of the health professional and they were both driven back to the clin

They were both admitted to the Mpungu Clinic and are now receiving the necessary medical treatment.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

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