Sudan Talks Delayed After Attacks in Nuba Mountains

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN – The SPLM-North (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North) faction based in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains suspended peace talks in Juba with Khartoum officials after military forces allegedly bombed several areas in the region and killed a sheik on Tuesday.

Kenya Opens Second Phase of Massive Railway Project

NAIROBI / NAIVASHA – Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta officially opened on Wednesday the second phase of his flagship infrastructure project: a Chinese-funded and built railway that will eventually link the port of Mombasa to Uganda.

The latest stretch of track

Community based environmental sanitation popular campaign

Keren, The Municipality of Keren city organized today, 16 October community based environmental sanitation activity under the theme Environmental Sanitation Ensures Health.

Residents from all walks of life took part at the popular campaign conducted throughout the city of Keren, …

Election of reconciliation committees

Barentu, Election of reconciliation committees was conducted in 12 administrative areas in the Haikota sub zone.

According to report, the residents of each administrative area elected a 5-member reconciliation committee.

Speaking to Erina, the administrator of Haikota sub zone, Mr. …

UNICEF air charter brings life-saving vaccines for children of Eritrea

ASMARA, Eritrea A gentle wind rustled across the otherwise azure sky over Asmara International Airport as a solitary Boeing 727 dipped low on the horizon and then gently touched down.

With a net capacity of 20,000 kgs, this chartered Boeing

Psychological Care Lacking in Cameroon’s Separatist Conflict

BABUNGO, CAMEROON – Cameroon’s three-year separatist conflict has left close to 3,000 people dead and growing numbers in need of psychological care. An influx of people impacted by the conflict are flooding into trauma centers across the English-speaking regions