Over one million seedlings ready for plantation

Asmara, Over one million tree seedlings are ready for plantation across the country through the Students Summer Work Program. The report was made by the head of the Summer Work Program at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Fitwi Woldegergis.

Indicating that the Summer Work Program has already started in the Southern Red Sea region on 1 June, Mr. Fitwi said that the other regions will start form 2 July in the Central region and from 8 July in the other four regions.

Mr. Fitwi went on to say that the Summer Work Program that will be participated by over 30 thousand students and 1500 caretakers will include soil and water conservation, tree planting, construction of terraces as well as renovation of dirt roads.

The soil and water conservation activities will be conducted at schools, public institutions, as well as renovating school desks and chairs, Mr. Fitwi added.

The Students Summer Work Program commenced in 1994 and that so far over 24 million tree seedlings have been planted and over 16 thousand km of terraces have been constructed.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information