Olufuko festival serves as one-stop shop for multitude of services

Festivals offer a distinct chance to promote products and offerings, as well as convenient access to services that would otherwise be unavailable, attendees say.

Elizabeth Luyango, who attended the Olufuko Cultural Festival in Outapi, said that such events offer a unique chance for the public in small towns to access services and resources that are typically not readily available.

Luyango stated that she first went to the offices of the Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) in the town. However, upon encountering a queue, she made the decision to attend the festival instead.

“When I came here there was no queue and the officials asked me to sit down right away,” she noted.

Luyango further added she was impressed with the services provided.

NamRA’s Senior Tax Officer for the Northern Regions, Olga Indongo, stated that their presence at the festival is a triumph, as they handle approximately 20 to 30 clients each day.

“We meet them halfway by preventing clients from having to visit our regional offices which may be a bit far. Instead, clients can conveniently submit their tax returns at the festival, where NamRA assists with portal registration and submission. This accomplishment is significant for NamRA,” she explained.

Indongo also indicated that the primary reason for individuals not submitting their tax returns online was due to forgetting their passwords. To address this issue, they assisted by resetting passwords and providing guidance on utilising the online platform.

She additionally urged taxpayers to promptly file their tax returns and take full advantage of the tax amnesty programme which will lapse in October 2024.

Selma Shaanika from Catholic AIDS Action, a national advocacy group that engages in a myriad of focal areas such as HIV testing, TB treatment, GBV prevention and mitigation, after school programmes and soup kitchens, said the entity is positive about its participation at this year’s Olufuko festival.

Shaanika said the festival presented an opportune platform to educate the public on their mandate as well as the various advocacy initiatives they undertake for the betterment of the Namibian society.

Catholic AIDS Action collaborates with various stakeholders as well as other developmental partners to foster a healthy attitude and outlook towards life.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency

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