Nigerians turn to Cucumbers and Watermelon as Tomato prices skyrocket

Nigerians are facing a double whammy in the kitchen: soaring food prices and limited options. A recent tomato scarcity has driven prices through the roof, making the essential ingredient a luxury for some families. This comes at a time when Nigerians are already grappling with the recent removal of fuel subsidies, leading to increased transportation costs, and a devaluation of the Naira currency.

But Nigerians are known for their resilience and resourcefulness. Social media has become a vibrant hub for sharing culinary creativity. Recipes featuring cucumber and watermelon as substitutes for stews are trending. These readily available vegetables offer a refreshing and affordable alternative, proving that even in challenging times, Nigerians can find ingenious ways to adapt their beloved dishes.

A small bucket of tomatoes that usuall sells at most 5000 nairai is now sold for 18,000 Naira. Food prices have seen an upward experience leaving many to live in hunger and uncertainty.

Source: Cameroon News Agency