Nationals in Riyadh commemorate 58th Anniversary of armed struggle for independence

Asmara, Nationals residing in Riyadh and its environment, Saudi Arabia, commemorated the 58th Anniversary of the armed struggle for Eritrea’s independence with enthusiasm.

At the commemoration event conducted on 29 August, Mr. Abdurahman Immam, chairman of the Eritrean Community in Riyadh and its environment delivered briefing on the meaning and significance of the Day on the struggle for independence and called for the reinforcement and transfer of the noble values cultivated during the armed struggle for independence as well as free, sovereign and peaceful nation to future generations.

The Charge d’Affairs of the Embassy of Eritrea to Saudi Arabia, Ms. Weini Gebrezgiabher on her part stating the significance of the Day underlined that thanks to September 1, Eritrean independence and Sovereignty has been realized.

Further pointing out that major development projects have been implemented in the previous independence years against all odds and external conspiracies, Ms. Weini called for the strengthening of the unity and organizational capacity of the Eritrean people in the prevailing era of peace for better outcome.

The program was highlighted by cultural and artistic performances.

In related news, Eritrean nationals residing in Dusseldorf-Germany commemorated the 58th Anniversary of the armed struggle for independence, and expressed readiness to renew pledge to transfer and inculcate the noble revolutionary and national values to the new generation.

Source: Voice of America