Nationals from Diaspora visit Kerkebet Dam

Asmara, Eritrean nationals from Diaspora that were here to take part at the Silver Jubilee anniversary celebration of the establishment of Sawa Military Training Center and the beginning of the National Service Program have visited the Gerset Dam and the developmental activities in the area.

The 200 participants of the tour were from various European countries, the US, the Middle East and other countries.

Upon arrival at Gerset Dam, the visitors were accorded warm welcome by the residents and were provided briefing on the various developmental activities being conducted in the area.

The participants commending for the effort the Eritrean Government is exerting to build dams in various areas of the country with a view to collect every drop water, expressed appreciation for the developmental activities being conducted in Gerset area.

They also expressed readiness to contribute due part in the national development drives.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information