More than 1,100 migrants rescued off Italian coasts

More than 1,100 migrants rescued off Italian coasts


Some 1,153 migrants were rescued on Monday in a stretch of water between Sicily and North Africa, according to a statement from the Italian Coast Guard. The Italian, Irish and German navies, as well as private rescue vessels run by the NGOs Doctors Without Borders (MSf) and SOS Mediterranee, carried out 11 separate rescues.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), just under 31,500 migrants have arrived in Italy since the start of the year. With the onset of warmer weather, landings are increasing in frequency.

The IOM said there were more than 2,600 arrivals in the week from May 5-12 period, up 68 percent compared to the previous seven days.


Migrants: 688 rescued by MSF boats

The Dignity and Aquarius sailing to Sicily


Palermo, – particularly busy day for the Doctors Without Borders team involved in the rescue operations of migrants at sea.

Two ships of the MSF, the Dignity I and Aquarius, have been engaged in the last hours in five different operations, putting rescued a total of 688 migrants, and the transfer of other 115 people.

The Dignity, sailed from Malta, rescued a total of 435 migrants, including 73 women and 143 minors, in three different matches boats from Libya.

In the first two, both large rafts, the majority came from Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

In the third, a boat of wooden fishermen, rather than half came from Eritrea.

Two other rescue operations were conducted by the MSF board dell’Acquarius team (the ship of the French NGO Sos Mediterranee) for a total of 253 migrants, mainly from Guinea, Mali and Ivory Coast.

Among them 16 women, a 3 year old and 73 children (including 61 unaccompanied).

The medical team is found to have to treat cases of gasoline and fuel burns, and a severe case of pneumonia and one of multiple fractures, due to the violence suffered in Libya.

Aquarius has also been involved in a transfer, taking 115 persons from another ship.

Altogether board dell’Acquarius are at the moment 368 people.

The third ship of Doctors Without Borders, the Bourbon Argos, has not been involved so far in rescue operations.

The ship is now in the Sicilian Channel waiting for any distress calls.

The Dignity and Aquarius disembark the migrants on board in two different ports in Sicily.

In particular, the Dignity I should arrive tomorrow at 11:30 in Trapani.


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