Monetary contribution in support of martyrs’ families

Asmara, Eritreans nationals residing inside and outside the country have contributed around 8,400 Euro, 6 thousand USD, 72 thousand Nakfa, 1650 Canadian Dollar and 1,500 Saudi Riyal in support of the families of martyrs.

According to report from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, nationals grouped as YPFDJ Pal-talk group in Dallas, USA contributed 6 thousand USD, the Aschaffenburg Association of 20 June, Germany, 2,600 Euro, the Association of Erito-German, 30 thousand Nakfa, and NUEW community in the city of Giessen, Germany 650 Euro.

The Ministry further indicated that the Eritrean Community in Fulda and its environs, Frankfurt-Germany contributed 5,150 Euro, one Eritrean family and one individual from inside the country contributed 42 thousand Nakfa, and a national from Saudi Arabia contributed 1,523 Saudi Riyal. The report also stated that underage Eritrean nationals from Hamilton and Burlington cities in Canada contributed 1,650 Canadian Dollar to augment martyrs trust fund.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information