Meeting on implementation of development programs

Barentu, At a meeting conducted on 21 and 22 January in Barentu, Mr. Abraha Garza, Governor of the Gash Barka region, indicated that strong effort will be exerted in 2020 in cooperation with partners in water and soil conservation, forestation and boosting agricultural production.

As regards education sector, Mr. Abraha said that the regional administration will give due attention in ensuring students school enrolment and developing teaching-learning process with a view to strengthen the students performance and competence.

Mr. Abraha also called on the public, sub-zonal administrations and stakeholders to reinforce participation in the implementation of the charted out development programs of 2020.

Commending the integrated activities being exerted in all sectors, the Coordinator of the Western Command Development Front, Brig. Gen. Tekle Kiflai called on administrators in all levels to play due role in organizing and encouraging the public with a view to strengthen their participation in the implementation of the development drives.

The participants on their part expressed readiness to strengthen participation and adopted various recommendations.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information