Meeting of NAEWDV with members in Gash Barka

Barentu, The National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans conducted meetings with members and the public in various sub-zones in the Gash Barka region.

At the meetings held in the sub-zones of Tesenai, Haikota, Barentu, Shabuko and Akordet from 14 to 22 March, Mr. Amanuel Zerom, head of Economic Development of the association, gave extensive briefing on the background of the association, researches conducted to identify economic and social situation of members and their outcome, workshops conducted on issues of war disabled veterans, organizational situation of the association, trainings organized to upgrade the capacity of members, economic development of members as well as challenges encountered.

Indicating that the public have been conducting praiseworthy activities to support war disabled veterans, Mr. Shimwole Woldegergis, head of the association in the Gash Barka region, called on the public to strengthen contribution to enable the war disabled veterans become self supportive and productive members of the society.

The participants expressed readiness to play due role in the efforts to improve the livelihoods of the war disabled veterans.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information