Mayor Het Hogeland: ‘This is a very sad family drama’

In Leens a ‘very sad family drama’ has taken place. That says acting mayor Henk Jan Bolding of the municipality of Het Hogeland.

Woman found dead in Leens, man arrested

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Bolding is in the Van der Munniklaan to show his involvement. A 23-year-old woman was killed in a house in the street. Her 30-year-old husband has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the death of the woman.

The couple originally came from Eritrea and lived in the Netherlands for several years and has two children. The oldest, 5 years old, was born in Eritrea. The second child is one and a half years old.

In Leens people react shocked and very emotionally to the death of the woman. They speak of a ‘very nice couple’. A neighbor does not want to hear a bad word about the couple. “You can hope that all new Dutch people integrate as well as these people.”


A neighbor tells us that the whole neighborhood was invited last year when the youngest child was baptized. ,, That was a very nice party. ” The children are now in crisis shelter.

Also at primary school De Regenboog, where the oldest child went to school, children are taken care of. This is done by the GGD.

The investigation is in full swing for the police. In the morning hours a search dog was searched in the vicinity of the house for a weapon that may have been used.

Several families from Eritrea live in the municipality of Het Hogeland. They can visit Thursday in the old town hall of Leens to talk to each other and share their grief.

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Overleden vrouw in Leens was 23 jaar en kwam uit Eritrea

Vrouw overleden in woning Leens, man opgepakt | Binnenland …

Woman (23) killed in Leens, man detained (update)

At the Van der Munniklaan in Leens, a 23-year-old woman was killed in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

The woman was found seriously injured in her home. Assistance could no longer benefit.

The male resident of 30 years has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in her death. The police are investigating, the man is being interrogated later today.

The man called the ambulance himself. Ambulance personnel engaged the police when it turned out that it was a violent incident.

‘In the eye that it was wrong’

Boelo Lubbers, the neighbor, saw how the man was taken away by the police at night.

‘At first there was only an ambulance, but a few minutes later police arrived. Then I noticed that something was wrong. The police walked in and out, and a moment later the neighbor was brought to a police car with his hands on his back. ‘

‘Very nice people’

It is a family with two young children, of foreign origin. They have been living in the street for a number of years. The children, of 1 and 3, were sleeping and were taken care of elsewhere.

Lubbers: ‘Very social, nice people. They always wave and greet, a very normal family. “

‘I’m getting cold’

Wouter Korhorn, another neighbor, occasionally helped the family with chores or the language. “This is a bit of a shock, I do not understand. I’m getting cold. “

Source: Dehai Eritrea Online