Massawa residents pledge to support 34 families of martyrs

Massawa, At a meeting conducted on 23 July, the residents of Massawa sub zone, Association of Taxi Owners, as well as staff members of Port of Massawa have taken the initiative to assume responsibility of supporting 34 families of martyrs.

At the meeting conducted in the Northern Red Sea administration hall, Mayor of port city of Massawa, Mr. Haile Asfaha stating that the initiative is part of the effort the civil servants are taking to support the families of the martyrs, said that residents of the Massawa sub zone have taken the responsibility of supporting 27 families and the Association of Taxi owners and staff members of the port will support the remaining 7 families of the martyrs.

The Secretary of PFDJ branch in the Northern Red Sea region, Mr. Haile Teweldeberhan on his part stated that the initiative the nationals took to support families of martyrs attests to the respect and commitment the Eritrean people have towards their martyrs and called on others to follow the noble example.

It is to be recalled that previously staff members of Hirgigo Power Plant, Ports Authority, Maritime, Plastic, Tin and Poly-plastic Factory, members of the regional PFDJ office, as well as members of various national associations have assumed similar responsibility to support families of martyrs.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information