Livestock and Crops Corporation pledge to support farmers

Asmara, The Livestock and Crops Corporation has pledged to extend support to farmers with a view to enable them boost their agricultural produce. The pledge was made at a meeting conducted on 4 April in Asmara.

At the meeting in which the Governor of the Central region, Maj. Gen. Romodan Osman Aweliay, Secretary of PFDJ in the Central region, Mr. Yosuf Saiq as well as other concerned officials and farmers took part, The General Manager of the Corporation, Maj. Kibreab Abraham indicated that the corporation will provide fertilizers, machinery support, select seeds as well as pesticides to farmers free of charge. He also expressed expectation that the farmers will supply the market agricultural produce with fair price.

Indicating that the objective of the support is to enable farmers boost export oriented agricultural produce, Maj. Kibreab said that the Government will support farmers in every way possible, including transportation, storage and other facilities.

Maj. Kibreab went on to say that even though the Government has been engaged in supporting farmers with a view to boost agricultural production in congruent with its policy of ensuring food security, the farmers were not able to satisfy markets as expected and that effort will be exerted to ensure that agricultural produces will reach the consumers directly.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information