Kumba pregnant woman, others detained in anti-drug raid

Kumba II police arrested 22 young people, including five girls and a pregnant woman, on June 15th in a raid targeting suspected drug users in the Hausa quarter.

The operation, led by Divisional Officer (D.O.) Edwin Kena Ngwana, aimed to address resident concerns about drug use in the area. Many residents, like Aliyu Mohammed, the Hausa quarter leader, expressed relief and hope that the arrests would deter future drug use.

‘We were losing our children to this delinquency,’ Mohammed said. ‘We believe they will learn a lesson.’

The pregnant woman reportedly told officers she used drugs for pleasure and to go clubbing. D.O. Ngwana emphasized zero tolerance for drug use in Kumba II, warning users to leave the subdivision or face arrest.

This raid marks the largest number of suspected drug users apprehended in Kumba II, though not the first such operation. The D.O. assured continued efforts to educate youths about the dangers of drug use.

Source: Cameroon News Agency