International Day of Down Syndrome observance

Asmara, The International Day of Down Syndrome was observed with various activities here in the capital, Asmara.Speaking at the event, the Chairman of the National Association of Autism and Down Syndrome, Let. Col. Berhane Bokretsion said that the International Day of Down Syndrome is being observed for the 11th time worldwide and for the 3rd time at national level.

Let. Col. Berhane called on the public at large, parents and pertinent bodies to take concerted action for encouraging the Dawns Syndrome Victims to become beneficiaries of education and other social services.

At the event, Mr. Yebio Tsegai, owner of Adi-Guaedad Steel and Wood Works, promised to provide training opportunity for the victims at his enterprise and called on others to follow his initiative.

The event was highlighted with programs depicting the day and with general knowledge competition.

At the event call was also made to strengthen contribution aimed at providing effective patronization to nationals victimized by such state of mental disorder, and thereby become self-supporting and productive members of the society and the concerned bodies to step up participation in this regard.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information