“International Conference of ICSOE-Eastern Africa has been timely and significant”: participants

Asmara, The participants of the 23rd Conference of the Intergovernmental Committee of Senior Officials and Experts for Eastern Africa expressed that the conference was significant and timely.

Indicating that the objective of the conference was to narrow the differences among the Eastern African countries and integrate their resources for ensuring their economic development.

They also said that the Horn of Africa has been for long indulged into turmoil and conflicts and that priority should be given to exert integrated efforts to attain the desired goals.

The participants went on to say that Eritrea for hosting the conference for its first kind will have the opportunity for portraying its true image and internal capacity and share its experience.

At the conference research papers were presented focusing on strengthening regional cooperation, ensure sustainable development in East Africa, development regional tourism and opportunities, development of investment in the sectors of infrastructure, energy, regional trade and job creation, sustainable development of marine resources and social integration in East Africa and the participants conducted extensive discussion.

The participants of the conference in the morning hours of today, 7 November visited the Misilam and Logo dams as well as the development sites in the vicinities.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information