International Aids Day observed

Asmara, International Aids Day, 1 December, was observed today, 30 November, at national level in Asmara under the theme Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Community by Community. The event was attended by Ms. Amina Nur-Hussen, Minister of Health, and Coordinator of UN Offices in Eritrea as well as invited guests.

Indicating the Government of Eritrea has been exerting effort since 1988 to control the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the death rate due to the disease, Dr. Andebrhan Tesfatsion, D. G. of Public Health at the Ministry of Health, called for integrated effort for better outcome.

Ms. Susan Ngongi, Coordinator of UN Offices in Eritrea, on her part said that reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS to zero level is one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Ms. Susan also commended the strong effort the Government of Eritrea exerted in the past 10 years to control the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and as a result new infection rate has been reduced to 1%.

According to the report presented by Sister Negisti Tesfamicael, head of HIV/AIDS Control in the Ministry, the prevalence of HIV has been reduced by 87% and new infection by 0.28 from that of 2.1% in 2003.

Speaking at the event, Minister Amina said that the reduction of the occurrence of HIV/AIDS in Eritrea was the result of the coordinated efforts on the part of Ministry of Health and all stakeholders and called for reinforced effort until the disease is fully eradicated.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information