Improved public transportation service

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications reported that the 2100 buses and 1505 taxis introduced in the past 30 years of independence are significantly contributing in the development of public transportation service across the country.

Indicating that before independence there were 257 buses with the capacity of transporting seven thousand people. Mr. Tesfaselasie Berhane, Minister of Transportation and Communications, said that the Government in order to address the problem invested about 970 million Nakfa to procure 707 modern buses with different capacity.

Noting that the substantial investment made to expand and renovation of asphalt and dirt roads coupled with the fair transportation fee has contributed in the developed transportation service, Minister Tesfaselasie said that the transportation coverage throughout the country has reached 85%.

Minister Tesfaselasie went on to say that about 31 billion tons of dry freight and over three billion liquid products have been transported by the 1549 trucks that are under the ownership of Trans-Horn, Lilo, Eritraco, East Africa Transportation Companies and individuals.

The annual inspection on the condition of vehicles and trucks is also significantly contributing in the safety and in declining traffic accidents and loss of lives and property, Minister Tesfaselasie added.

Source: Ministry of Information Eritrea