Harat Transportation Company expanding service

Asmara, As part of the effort to expand the transportation service, Harat Transportation Company has opened new route from Asmara to Adi-Sherefeto, Dubarwa sub-zone.

At a ceremony held on 9 June, Mr. Neguse Gebrezgiabher, head of Operations in the Company, said that the objective of the opening of the new road is to enable the residents receive transportation service with fair price and commended the residents for their participation in the renovation of the road.

The residents on their part pointing out that lack of transportation has been the main bottleneck in leading their daily lives and that the new transportation service will have significant contribution in improving their livelihoods.

The 36 km new route is expected to serve 8 villages including Adi-Sherefeto, Adi-Tsinay, Adi-Hayo, Shiketi, Azaihe, Adi-Temenso, Gorbeati and Adi-Sahlay.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information