German Ambassador to Cameroon reassures restitution of artifacts

The German Ambassador-designate to Cameroon, Corinna Fricke has reassured Cameroon of the return of Artifacts taken to Germany during the colonial era.

This was during an audience she had on Friday, June 9, 2023, with the Minister of Arts and Culture, Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Kwwatt.

Both officials met to discuss the stakes of plans by both countries to return the Cameroon archives and artifacts taken to Germany during the colonial era.

Her Excellency Corinna Fricke promised to continue supporting the committee set up to facilitate the restitution of these historic arts.

“During the last months, I have been attending conferences in Yaounde and one in Berlin. It was about our Cameroon past, we will cooperate with the Ministry, government, and civil society to bring back the arts from Germany” She said.

She also stated that “I am also glad about our cooperation with the family of King Rudolf Duala Manga Bell. Our Minister of State was in Douala last year and made an important speech, and now several towns in Germany have decided to give places and streets the Name Duala Manga Bell”.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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