Financial and material support to families of martyrs

Asmara, The administration of the port city of Assab in cooperation with business people in the city disbursed over 31 thousand Nakfa to 11 disadvantage nationals in connection with Martyrs Day.

Likewise, at an occasion organized in Massawa on 18 June, staff members of the PFDJ and national associations assumed responsibility to support three families of martyrs.

In the same vein, residents of Adi-Bari, Mendefera sub-zone, have ploughed farm lands of 16 families of martyrs.

Members in the civil service and Eritrean Defense Forces in Barentu sub-zone also conducted popular campaign at the Barentu Martyrs Cemetery.

Residents of Adi-Qual sub-zone also conducted similar popular campaign at the Adi-Quala Martyrs Cemetery.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information