Ethiopia’s ruling party vows to restore rule of law to unrest-hit parts

In a press statement issued after the conclusion of its regular executive council committee meeting, EPRDF acknowledged alongside the positive changes the country witnessed in the last one year, Ethiopia has also been facing an increasing amount of unlawful activities across the country.

In recent months, despite impressive efforts by the administration of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed since April 2018 to open up the political and economic space in the country, Ethiopia has been witnessing an upsurge in ethnic conflicts.

The UN estimates ethnic conflicts and adverse climatic conditions have resulted in the displacement of around 3 million Ethiopians inside the country.

Ethiopia has started reforming its security and intelligence sectors and has made peace with neighboring nation of Eritrea, said the statement.

However, EPRDF acknowledges there have also been security related challenges that should be dealt with urgently, said the EPRDF statement.

EPRDF has devised a strategy to ensure Ethiopians feel safe in their country and as such will undertake political activities in tandem with security operations to restore sustainable peace across Ethiopia, further said the statement.

Source: Dehai Eritrea Online