Ethiopians, Eritreans Call on Int’l Community to Have Clear Picture of Situation in Tigray

(ENA) Ethiopians and Eritreans made rallies at the State Capitol Square in Colorado State to call on the international community to have a clear picture of the situation in Tigray, and detach itself from encouraging the supporters of the criminal group.

Representatives from both communities lauded the Ethiopia-Eritrea peace accord that ended the 27 years of divisive policies of the TPLF that separated people by deliberately fabricating and exaggerating various fault lines.

The demonstrators have also condemned the treasonous act of TPLF against the Ethiopian Defense Force, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Besides the communities of two countries, the Ethiopian American Civic Council, Friends of Ethiopia, and other Ethiopian rights organizations, including Ethiopians living in Denver and neighboring cities have organized the rally.

Source: Ethiopia News agency