Ethiopian Defense Force Takes Retaliatory Measure against Eritrea

The Ethiopia Defense Force has taken retaliatory measure after repulsing the attempted attack of the Eritrean government on Sunday June 12, 2016 morning at Tsorona Front, according to Government Communication Affairs Office.

The ability of the Eritrean army to take offensive measures is drastically curtailed by the proportionate measure taken by the Ethiopian army, it added.

The office explained in its communiqué that it hopes that the Eritrean army has drawn lesson from this proportionate measure that it cannot go unpunished by acting recklessly.

The crisis of the government follows the UN report that exposed the atrocities and genocidal acts it is committing against its people, the communiqué noted.
The provocation might be an attempt to divert that attention of the Eritrean people and the international community, it pointed out.

In the strong response the defense force took all the force that was mobilized to attack the Ethiopian army is crushed, the communiqué said, adding that the next move of the army will depend on the move the Eritrean government takes.

Unless the Eritrean government stops provocation, the army will continue with its proportionate punitive measures, the office stressed.


Source:  Ethiopian News Agency


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