ESAT News: Mass arrest continues in Oromia region, regime detains three thousand more

Ethiopian regime forces continue to mass arrest in the Oromia region of the country where people have been protesting against political and economic marginalization for the last four months.

Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress, Dr. Merara Gudina told ESAT on Wednesday that the regime has recently arrested about three thousand more people. This is on top of the estimated five thousand arrested in the first three months of the protest. He said although officials of the regime have publicly apologized for the killing of protesters in the region, mass arrest has continued unabated.

Dr. Merara was himself banned from travelling abroad last week. He was at the Addis Ababa airport to catch his plane to Washington, DC for an Ethiopian political conference when immigration officials told him the electronic passport scanner couldn’t read his passport. He said the regime was deliberately stopping him from attending the high profile political meeting where opposition groups had deliberated on post TPLF Ethiopia.

Dr. Merara said regime’s forces have continued mass arrests in Wellega, Ambo, Arsi, East Hararghe and other places in the Oromia region. He said the whereabouts of those arrested is not known. He said special forces of the regime still remain deployed allover Oromia.

Source: Dehai News