Eritrean man wins Israeli lottery

In Israel, an Eritrean man has won a million Shekels in the lottery.

Israeli television reported on Thursday morning that the man had bought his scratch ticket from a kiosk in the south of the capital, Tel Aviv. The winnings are equivalent to about Euros 250,000. He was completely speechless, said the man who sold the winning ticket, Michael Galilov. We were all shocked. TV pictures showed the Eritrean man hugging the staff, according to dpa.

Israel has put on hold plans to deport about 40,000 African migrants it says entered the country illegally. Asylum applications are only approved in exceptional cases. Most of the African migrants in Israel are from Sudan and Eritrea.

Gambling is illegal in Israel, except through the state lottery company. Most gambling kiosks in the country are in the poorest neighborhoods, according to an economist at Hebrew University, Momi Dahan. Writing in the Haaretz newspaper, Dahan says low-income people spend a higher proportion of their income on gambling compared with richer people.

Source: Dehai Eritrea Online