Eritrean Libraries and Information Association organized workshop

Asmara- Eritrean Libraries and Information Association organized one day workshop on 28 February aimed at transforming information in developing knowledge.

At the workshop in which representatives of line ministries, national organizations and others took part, Mr. Kiflom Micael, president of the association, stated that in an effort toimprove their living standard, human beings in the past hundreds years had to go through trial and errors and innovations to reach the modern era of computers and internet.

At the work shop, several research papers on various topics were presented including knowledge and productivity, knowledge and efficiency, information and knowledge in relation to the role of information technology, management of knowledge among others.

Participants discussed on the papers presented and adopted recommendations.

Mr. Petros Hailemariam, D.G. of Research and Human Resources, pointing the significance of the workshop in nurturing human resources equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill, commended the association for organizing the workshop.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information