Eritrea: Resolve for the Success of National Development Programs

Asmara – Eritreans residing in different countries expressed resolve to work for the success of the national development programs and to colorfully celebrate the Jubilee Independence Day anniversary.

At a meeting they conducted on 23 April with the Eritrean Ambassador to France Ms. Hanna Simon the Eritrean nationals residing in Paris reiterated conviction to contribute their due part in the national development programs.

The Ambassador said that it is timely that the Eritrean nationals reinforce their resistance by strengthening their organization. She also gave extensive briefing on the preparations being made inside the country and abroad to celebrate the 25th year Jubilee Independence Day.

Likewise, the NUEW branch in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, conducted its congress.

The head of the Public and Community Affairs, Mr. Saleh Mahmud pointed out that strong organization is an added power for strengthening capacity and called on the nationals to develop their capacity and participate in the national development programs.

The participants elected seven members of executive committee.

In related news, PFDJ groups in Heidelberg, Germany, conducted their annual meeting from 23 to 24 April.