Eritrea focuses on Italy. What does Italy do?

In Eritrea await the visit of Italian Foreign Minister Moavero to move on to greater concreteness of projects related to the infrastructural development of the country. Eritrea focuses on Italy, but what is the role of Rome in the region?

The Eritrean ambassador in Italy Fessahazion Pietros in an interview with Askanews on relations between Italy and Eritrea makes clear the expectations of his country: “We await the visit of Minister Moavero to move to greater concreteness. Nothing has moved since the beginning of the year .

Well, what are the Italian interests in your former colony? What prospects does the Horn of Africa region offer? “Eritrea can no longer wait. If we want to be privileged partners we must be credible and concrete , is the opinion expressed in the interview with Sputnik Italia by Luigi Giannini, president of Federpesca.

– Luigi Giannini, what are the Italian interests in Eritrea? What is the importance of this market for Federpesca and in general for Italian entrepreneurs?

– It is a country that over the last 150 years has represented a great interest for Italy linked to the role played by our country. For about fifteen years our federation has cultivated the possibility of collaborating in the development of the fish economy of Eritrea. Since 2004 we have carried out our first mission in the country and we have had the opportunity to taste its potential. The country inspires a very good climate in terms of openness and confidence in Italian investments.

Over time this opening has grown along with the quality of our relationships. About six months after the conclusion of the critical relationship with Ethiopia we are witnessing a total opening of Eritrea to a process of modernization and partnership with all countries, with a special propensity for collaboration with Italian entrepreneurship.

– What prospects does the Horn of Africa region offer more generally?

– The Horn of Africa market is very interesting, starting from Ethiopia, a country of about 90 million inhabitants that marks one of the highest growth rates in Africa. Let’s not forget about stabilizing Somalia. Recently we are witnessing a growing interest in Italian politics towards East Africa. In past years this interest did not exist, except towards Ethiopia. Today there is a return to Eritrea and Somalia which we look to with extreme favor. The fish economy is very developed in most of West Africa, we consider all the potential of the countries that overlook the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

– The Eritrean Ambassador to Italy announced that the country looks forward to Minister Moavero’s visit to move towards more concrete infrastructure projects.Eritrea focuses on Italy. What should Rome do, be more present in the country?

– We need concreteness and speed, because it is important that the commitments made with the country and the expectations correspond to a swift action. We took part in the mission of Deputy Minister Del Re in early December last year; I understand that the cooperation agency is working on specific initiatives. Certainly, a visit by Minister Moavero could accelerate these processes.

Eritrea can no longer wait. If we want to be privileged partners we must be credible and concrete. Beyond the statements and the availability of principle, the European Union should also translate its words into actions and concrete facts.

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Source: Dehai Eritrea Online