‘Eri-Childhood’ pledges to continue support to disabled citizens

Asmara, Eritreans residing in Stockholm, Sweden, organized under the association ‘Eri-Childhood’ pledged to continue extending support to disabled children. They made the pledge at a meeting they conducted on 23 July with families of the children they supported with wheelchairs.

At the ceremony held at the premise of Orotta Referral Hospital in which officials of the Ministry of Health took part, Minister of Health, Ms. Amina Nurhussien stated that the support ‘Eri-Childhood’ is extending attests to the noble Eritrean culture and called on others to follow the footsteps of the association.

Members of ‘Eri-Childhood’ also stated that they were grateful to witness the support they sent distributed to the disabled and pledged to send 100 wheelchairs in the near future.

‘Eri-Childhood’ which was established in 2006 has extended 150 wheelchairs in support of disabled children in two phases. The number of members which was only 18 during its establishment has now increased to about 100.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information