English Summary – Interview with Mr. Berhane G. Solomon – Chargé d’Affaires at the Eritrean Embassy in the United States of America

Interview with Mr. Berhane G. Solomon – Chargé d’Affaires at the Eritrean Embassy in the United States of America

Mr. Berhane G. Solomon, Chargé d’Affaires of the State of Eritrea to the United States of America gave an interview to the Eritrean Embassy Media in which he touched upon recent events.

In his interview Mr. Berhane G. Solomon explained that the recent campaign by the detractors of the State of Eritrea in which they levelled accusations at Eritrea without presenting any viable evidence to back their claims, was a continuation of their efforts of past years to undermine and dominate Eritrea.

The Chargé d’Affaires made it clear that the accusations of Eritrean troops committing atrocities in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, were untrue and without any substance. He explained that the mere notion that Eritrean troops could participate in such acts was abhorrent and goes against the centuries old values of Eritreans.

Mr. Berhane G. Solomon explained that such campaigns were being coordinated by those who had never accepted the peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia that was signed in July of 2018. The campaigns were a deliberate attempt to derail the peace process.

In the interview it was made clear that Eritrea was ready to work with others as equal partners towards a lasting peace in the region. Although Eritrea’s guiding principle is Self Reliance, and to depend on its own resources, Mr. Berhane G. Solomon made it clear that this should be not be equated with the policy of Isolationism.

When asked about the recent unfortunate comments made by the spokesperson of the Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Ministry about Eritrean independence, which were deemed to be an affront to Eritrean nationalism. Mr Berhane G. Solomon, explained that after the unacceptable apology of the spokesperson, the Ethiopian Foreign Minster had made an official apology, rendering the matter closed. However, Mr Berhane G. Solomon went to explain that this was not the first occasion that such statements had been made nor would they be the last, as there are elements who wish to exploit such situations to further their own ulterior goals. He went on to state that the Eritrean Government has its own means of dealing with such issues and that it will not allow them to be blown out of proportion and divert it from the path it has chosen to bring about peace to the region.

When asked about the anti-Eritrea Social Media campaign, Mr Berhane G. Solomon explained that throughout the history of Eritrea, similar campaigns had been waged against Eritrea and the people have organised themselves to defend their nation. He said that he was confident that the Eritrean people would defend against the latest campaign directed at them.

In closing, the Chargé d’Affaires explained that Eritrea and the region were at a new dawn and the time has come to utilise the many economic opportunities that are available in Eritrea. He also called on Eritrean professionals throughout the World to contribute towards the development of Eritrea.

In summary, Mr Berhane G. Solomon called upon Eritreans to be steadfast and not be distracted from their aims by those who wish nothing but misfortune on Eritrea and to grasp with both hands the abounding opportunities in Eritrea.

Source: Dehai Eritrea Online