Ebolowa Bishop, others receiving treatment after surviving accident

On Saturday, June 29, 2024, a serious road accident occurred near Ngalane, involving a vehicle belonging to Bishop Philippe Alain Mbarga of Ébolowa. The incident occurred around 9 AM as the Mercedes, registered CE 438 JT and driven by Mr. Belinga, was leaving the bishop’s residence. Reports indicate that the vehicle lost control, swerving to avoid a ravine and colliding with an embankment.

The accident resulted in three serious injuries, including Bishop Mbarga and two other passengers, identified as Monique Sophie Beyala, a nun, and another individual. All three are currently receiving intensive care at the Ngalane Reference Hospital.

Preliminary investigations suggest a mechanical fault in the braking system as the likely cause of the accident. Authorities have initiated a thorough investigation to ascertain the exact circumstances leading to the incident.

Source: Cameroon News Agency