Merhawi Kudus has won the eleventh edition of the Tour du Rwanda. The 25-year-old Eritrean managed to stand up to Kigali in the final stage. The stage victory went to his Colombian teammate Rodrigo Contreras, who finished an impressive solo.

The final stage of the Tour du Rwanda promised to be spectacular, because the riders had to overcome the ‘Wall of Kigali’ several times, a 500-meter long cobbled slope with peaks of up to 17%. And we got a spectacle: on the wall that was so feared, we only saw zigzagging riders.

Spectacle on the Kigali Wall

Even riders like Kudus, Contreras and Rein TaaramA�e struggled to come up. Nevertheless, only a first decision fell 25 kilometers from the line. It was Contreras who accelerated on the wall, and he initially had a small (elite) group with him.

The Colombian clearly did not feel his legs, and he attacked again at 15 kilometers from the finish. This time the 24-year-old rider managed to make a hole. Contreras then managed to build up his lead systematically, giving him a lead of almost one minute at ten kilometers from the finish line.

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This gave the solitary fagot a clear wing, and thus he managed to expand his lead on the last passage of the Kigali Wall. The Colombian could therefore be victorious. His teammate Kudus also came over in a jubilant manner, because the Eritrean may call himself the final winner.

Source: Dehai Eritrea Online