Contribution of nationals in Scandinavian countries

Asmara, In continuation of the over six million Kroner they already contributed, Eritrean nationals residing in Scandinavian countries contributed additional over 300 thousand Kroner towards augmenting the National Fund to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

Accordingly, YPFDJ organization in Sweden contributed 65 thousand Kroner, PFDJ organization in Jonkoping 15 thousand Kroner, Eritrean community in Orebro 25 thousand Kroner, Mulue-Wengel Church in Stockholm 12 thousand Kroner, Eritrean community in Harnosand 11 thousand Kroner, Eritrean community in Boras 10 thousand Kroner, Eritrean community in Motala  14 thousand and 600 Kroner, Sinit Sund-Biberi association 10 thousand Kroner, Eritrean community in Jonkoping 8 thousand and 430 Kroner, Eritrean community in Lulea 2 thousand Kroner, Abore sanitation and nursing home 12 thousand Kroner, association of Eritrean friends in Stockholm 10 thousand Kroner, Gothenburg group against COVID-19 15 thousand Kroner, Eritrean community in Yarfela-Upland 20 thousand Kroner, Eritrean community in Onebi 5 thousand Kroner, national committee in Denmark 10 thousand Kroner and 65 children and youth in Norway also contributed 22 thousand and 500 Kroner.

Likewise, PFDJ organizations in the Italian cities of Brescia, Milano and Rome contributed 13 thousand Euros, National Union of Eritrean Women branches in Bologna, Brescia, Catania, Firenze, Genoa, Milano, Napoli, Parma, Pizza, Pistoia and Rome 8 thousand and 411 Euros, YPFDJ organizations in Milano, Bologna and Rome 6 thousand and 600 Euros, Eritrean communities in Parma, Rome, Milano, Verona, Bologna  and Genoa 12 thousand and 800 Euros, national committees in Rome and Milano 13 thousand Euros and Media committee in Italy 2 thousand Euros.

In related news, the Eritrean community in Kuwait and staff members of the Eritrean Embassy contributed 1 thousand and 462 Dinar, nationals in Djibouti 100 thousand Franc.

Eritrean nationals in Angola also contributed 16 thousand and 667 Dollars, cooperative association of Eritreans in Angola 16 thousand and 667 Dollars, Eritreans engaged in various businesses in Angola a total of 92 thousand and 500 Dollars and other nationals in Angola contributed 58 thousand and 660 Dollars.

Likewise, 9 Eritreans in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa contributed a total of 7 thousand and 588 Dollars and 55 thousand Rand while Eritreans in Israel contributed additional 390 thousand Shekels.

In the same vein, a number of nationals residing inside the country and abroad have decided that the families renting their houses across the country to live free of rental payment ranging from two moths until the corona virus pandemic is contained.

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Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information