Commendable dairy farm pilot project in Dubarwa

Mendefera, The pilot project that was initiated in 2017 by the Crops and Livestock Corporation in Dubarwa sub-zone is registering commendable result. The report was made by Maj. Kibreab Abraham, Manager of the corporation.

Maj. Kibreab said that Dubarwa area possesses conducive climate, abundant water supply and rich soil suitable for developing dairy farms.

According to Maj. Kibreab the objective of the project was to develop milk and milk products as well as meat and supply the market with fair and reasonable price. It is also part of the effort to ensure food security and develop agronomy and agro-industry in the country, Maj. Kibreab added.

Maj. Kibreab went on to say that the dairy farm project that started with 660 milk cows has currently reached to 2 thousand.

Indicating that over 500 hectare of land is allocated for cultivation of green animal fodder, Maj. Kibreab said that the project has created job opportunity to 180 people with first degree, diploma and certificate as well as for over 600 residents of the area.

The residents of Dubarwa town on their part understanding the advantage of the project in improving their livelihoods expressed readiness to contribute their part in the development and sustainability of the project.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information