Commemoration of 40th anniversary of founding of NUEW

Barentu, The 40th anniversary commemoration of the founding of the National Union of Eritrean Women was held on 17 November at Shambuko semi-urban center region, at regional level in Gash Barka region.

Indicating that the over all victory the Eritrean women achieved through their struggle and sacrifice will have significant place in the history of Eritrea, Ms. Yihdega Yohannes, Chairperson of the National Union of Eritrean Women branch in the Gash Barka region, called for double fold effort and participation in this new era unfolding.

Commending the over all participation and contribution of the Eritrean women in realizing national independence and safeguarding the national sovereignty, Mr. Abraha Garza, Governor of the region, called for increased participation in the effort to eradicate harmful practices that are hampering the over all development of women.

Mr. Abraha also expressed readiness to stand alongside the union in all its endeavors.

At the event, the administrator of Shambuko sub-zone, Mr. Kahsai Asrat and representatives of PFDJ and the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students delivered messages of solidarity.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information