Central region: elections of reconciliation committees conclude

Asmara, Elections of committees of reconciliation that has been conducted from 27 January through popular participation in the Central region concluded on 17 February.

At a meeting conducted with residents, administrators of the sub zones of the Central region stated that the elections were conducted according to the directive the Ministry of Justice issued aimed at restructuring and reorganizing community courts and that campaigns that have been conducted contributed to the successful completion of the elections.

According to the restructuring, the community court cases that were handled by three magistrates will now be handled through 5 committees of reconciliation that will include one judge and one prosecutor.

Documents of the Central region indicate that, in the elections that lasted for three weeks, 15 community courts were established in the 13 sub zones of Asmara and that in Gala Nefhi and Serejaka sub zones 12 courts and in Berik sub zone 48 courts have been established.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information