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Seeking the right partners is just as important as avoiding the wrong ones.

But something very different is unfolding in Ethiopia: perhaps the greatest exception anywhere to the current democratic recession. In just 11 months, Africa’s youngest head of state, 42-year-old Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, has introduced sweeping reforms to open up Ethiopia’s

At least 30 migrants believed missing after boat sinking off Libya: coastguard

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – At least 30 migrants are believed to be missing after their boat sank off the western Libyan city of Sabratha this week, a coastguard spokesman said on Thursday.

According to a survivor the boat was carrying almost …

Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan Leaders Meet to Reaffirm Peace Deal

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, and Eritrea’s President, Isais Afwerki, recently visited South Sudan for high-level meetings with their President, Salva Kiir, in hopes to reaffirm peace talks between the regime and local rebels. This move was done amidst fears

African Road Cycling Championships Concludes In Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, The 14th edition of the African Road Cycling Championships concluded in the city of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia today.

Ethiopia finished behind first-placed Eritrea with seven gold, five silver and two bronze medals.

Eritrea topped the medal tally with …

Having fled violence, a million Ethiopians now face hunger and disease. Yet Abiy Ahmed seems intent only on their return

(The Guardian) � In southern Ethiopia, tens of thousands of people are enduring what aid workers say is a full-blown humanitarian crisis. But the government of the new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, appears not to be listening.

It is a …

FDRE and Afar and Gambella opposition movements sign reconciliation agreement

Asmara, The Federal Democratic Government of Ethiopia and Afar and Gambella opposition movements have signed reconciliation agreement yesterday, 14 March in Asmara.

The reconciliation agreement between the FDRE and Afar opposition movement was signed by Ms. Aisha Mohammed, Minister of …