Cameroon’s first daughter is a Lesbian

The daughter of Cameroon’s long-serving president, Paul Biya, has come out and declared that she is dating another woman called Laoncita. The Brazilian had been seen with Brenda Biya several times, though it was only suspicions.

Now the first daughter says she cannot hide it anymore, coming out as a Lesbian on her official Instagram account.

‘I am crazy about you and want the world to know,’ she wrote.

One Instagram user engaged her in the discussion, reminding her that where her father is the President of Cameroon, LGBTQ is prohibited. But Brenda said, ‘Nobody will have anything to say because only love shall win’

She added, ‘I don’t condone hate, I think the mentality should change, but it will change once the people are ready.’

An ordinance issued in September 1972 by President Ahmadou Ahidjo introduced Article 347 which is now 347-1 of the Penal Code, which criminalizes gay practices.

Since then the courts have judged and sanctioned persons who openly declared the practice of gay or lesbianism in Ca
meroon. The question remains if President Paul Biya, the first enforcer of law will allow her lesbian daughter to bring her girlfriend to Cameroon.

Source: Cameroon News Agency