Call for reinforced soil and water conservation activity

Barentu, At and assessment meeting conducted on 24 July in Barentu, Gash Barka region, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, called for reinforced soil and water conservation activity.

Indicating that soil and water conservation has significant contribution in redressing the environment and boosting agricultural productivity, Minister Arefaine called on the agricultural experts and administrations to play due part in mobilizing the public. Minister Arefaine also called on farmers to use alternative mechanisms including use of natural fertilizer, construction of water reservoirs as well as to introduce irrigation system.

At a report presented focusing on seeds development, livestock development, soil and water conservation as well as land management and others, it was stated that commendable activities have been conducted in the preparation of land for cultivation, soil and water conservation as well as construction of terraces.

As regards livestock health, it was reported that 913 livestock have been vaccinated and over 36 thousand received veterinary treatment.

More over, according to the report, agricultural machinery help was provided to farmers with fair price, expertise assistance was extended on irrigation farming, follow up and control of incorrect use of pesticides was conducted. The construction of Guila, Tinsha’ai, Dek-Shehai, Kerkash and Mengula dams is in good progress, the report added.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information