Bai Panya: Separatists disrupt birth certificate registration, threaten to burn Church

The militants who said they were from the Al Qaeda Squad, reportedly created in Meme Division, South West region, invaded the Catholic Church in the vicinity of Bai Panya, issuing threats to shoot civilians at close range.

In a video recording, a purported leader stated, ‘This is Al Qaeda Squad of Meme led by the King of Al Qaeda, these are people who came to produce their certificate on May 1, because they want to go and produce their free ID cards so they can vote in the 2025 elections…it is the Catholic Church…Catholic Church Bai Panya producing the birth certificates.’

He further accused the Catholic Church of collaborating with the government, citing the production of birth certificates as evidence. He ominously warned, ‘The Church has never been seen producing birth certificates, this means that the Catholic Church Bai Panya is working with the government. I want to let you know that as you see these people here if you do not see them again, know that we have killed them all.’

The fate of those captu
red in the video remains uncertain, but the people, including children, women, and men, as well as the Church’s Catechist, were reportedly present during the incident.

Amidst the ongoing armed conflict in the Anglophone regions, numerous individuals are without birth certificates, which have been lost due to heavy rains, displacement, or destruction of property.

Source: Cameroon News Agency