AU Pledges to Provide Support for Planned Transitional Justice in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa March 17/2023 /ENA/ The African Union (AU) has pledged to provide the necessary support to the effective implementation of Ethiopia’s transitional justice program.

A two day consultative meeting on policy options for Transitional Justice in Ethiopia was held in Addis Ababa.

The consultative meeting, that attracted heads of several international institutions and experts, was organized by the ministry of Justice in collaboration with the African Union.

During the occasion, Representative of the African Union Commission (AUC) and Director of Governance and Conflict Prevention, Patience Zanelie Chiradza said Ethiopia’s transitional justice police would be crucial instrument to address the challenges that Ethiopia has been facing.

Appreciating Ethiopia’s plan to undertake transitional justice, the director affirmed AUC’s readiness to provide the necessary support to its effective implementation.

She also urged all stakeholders to make the process more inclusive that considers legal accountability, reconciliation, and compensation.

The Director has also commended the idea to respect Ethiopia’s history, culture and spiritual values in the course of implementing the transitional justice.

The process is also expected to include all segments of the society including women, the youth, internally displaced persons, persons with disability, the media, and religious groups among others, she added.

State Minister of Justice, Alemante Agidew, said the National Transitional Justice policy is believed to play critical role to ensuring sustainable peace, justice and reconciliation in Ethiopia expressing the commitment of the government to realizing the policy.

Efforts are also being made to harmonize the policy with the African Union Transitional Justice Policy with in the existing context of the country, he added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency