Attempted acquisition of fake passport and risks involved-victim laments

This information is based on a text message CNA newsroom received on July 3rd, 2024, from a concerned parent in Cameroon (Phone number redacted for privacy).

The source described a situation where a facilitator (referred to as ‘agent’) produced a fake Congolese passport for their son on two separate occasions (November 2023 and again in July 2024). The first attempt was discovered at the airport in January 2024. Despite this, the agent convinced the source to pay a significant amount of money (6 million Central African francs) for another fake passport plus visa procedures, this time claiming it to be a Cameroonian passport. The source eventually discovered this to be another fake document.

The source expressed distress about the potential legal repercussions for their son and the financial strain caused by the agent’s actions. They also aim to warn others in Cameroon about the dangers of using such agents. She told the newsroom how she sold her land in Buea to see her son travel only to fall in the hands o
f a fake agent.

What travelers must know!

Never attempt to acquire a fake passport. It is illegal and can lead to arrest and imprisonment for both the traveler and the facilitator.

Research legal travel options: There are legitimate ways to obtain visas and travel documents. Embassies and consulates can provide information and guidance.

Beware of agents promising quick or easy solutions: If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Legitimate travel processes may take time, but they are far safer than using fake documents.

Seek professional advice: Immigration lawyers or travel agents can help navigate the legal requirements for travel.

Report suspected fraudulent activity: If you encounter someone offering fake documents, report them to the authorities.

This case highlights the significant emotional and financial toll associated with using fake travel documents and being caught with a fake passport can have serious consequences, including deportation, fines, and jail time. This situation emp
hasizes the importance of educating children about the dangers of using fake documents.

Source: Cameroon News Agency