Africa Empowering Its Role in Global Conversation: Indonesian House of Representatives

Addis Ababa: Africa in the recent decades, has been increasingly empowering its role in global conversation, said the Committee Chairperson for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of Indonesia’s House Preventatives.

A seminar entitled: ‘African in Today’s World, Where Indonesia?’ organized today by the committee for Inter-parliamentary cooperation House Representatives of Indonesia and embassy of Indonesia in Addis Ababa.

In his webinar keynote address to the seminar, Chairperson of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation House Representatives of Indonesia, Fadli Zon said in recent decades, Africa has increased its prominent role in global conversation.

According to him, the African has an abundance of resources in all spheres with a youngest population in the world would give a comparative advantage to the continent’s growth and future economic development.

This will also give leverage to the African countries in the geopolitical arena, he elaborated.

Zon further added that the African region is s
till among the most promising non-traditional market destinations, including Indonesia. And he added his country has currently a unique political capital compared to other nations.

In addition to having rich natural resources, Africa’s economic growth is predicted to gain positive momentum in the upcoming years, the chairperson said.

As African countries have recently begun to enjoy their political and economic independence, Zon hoped that this will be imperative to consolidate the continent’s critical role in the global stage.

Elaborating Indonesia’s diplomatic relations with African countries, he indicated that Indonesian companies were hesitant to extend their businesses into African markets.

Therefore, the chairman stressed the need for addressing these challenges and he pledged to identify Indonesia’s unique position in the context of African cooperation.

He confirmed that the House of Representatives of Indonesia will host the Indonesia-Africa Parliamentary forum 2024 with aims of forging Indonesia
-Africa parliamentary partnership for development.

Indonesian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Al Busyra Basnur, said on his part in recent years, Africa has seen significant economic growth, with many countries developing rapidly and becoming more integrated into the global economy.

Ambassador added Africa is making great strides in governance and economic development and regional cooperation.

‘As one of Indonesia’s representatives on the continent, our embassy is dedicated to fostering diplomatic relations, promoting trade and investment and enhancing cultural exchange between Indonesia and African nations,’ he said.

The ambassador added that we also actively engaged with the African Union’s working together on various initiatives since Africa is a very important partner to Indonesia.

He further stated that the continent is a key partner in south-south cooperation and a strategic ally in a global forums.

Ambassador Basnur further stated that Africa’s growing economies, rich natural resources and young populati
on offer many opportunities for working together with Indonesia.

Executive Director of the Coalition on Media and Education for Development Africa Forum (CAFOR), Dr. Lawalley Cole said Africa needs to work with its partners on education, science and technology to transform its economy.

The African Union should work to ensure peace and stability on the continent and realize agenda 2063, he stressed.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency