31st commemoration of Nadew Command’s demise

Massawa, The 31stcommemoration of Nadew Command’s demise and the subsequent liberation of Afabet town, was conducted on 19 March with patriotic zeal.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed-Nur Rejeb, administrator of Afabet sub zone, stated that the 31st anniversary of Nadew Command’s demise is unique for it is being commemorated at the unfolding era of peace and cooperation through the unparalleled resilience and perseverance of the people of Eritrea. Mr. Ahmed also said that the demise of Nadew Command holds noble chapter in the history of the Eritrean armed struggle for liberation in terms of its strategic preparation, organization, precision and speed as well as military competence.

The ceremony featured cultural and artistic performances depicting the event and heroic feat demonstrated as well as sports competitions and tree seedling planting activities.

It is to be recalled that in a lightening offensive the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) conducted from 19-23 March in 1988 at the Nakfa Front, Derg’s powerful Nadew Command comprising of 20 thousand soldiers was totally annihilated and Afabet town was liberated. Through the offensive, the EPLF also captured several heavy artillery and strategic weapons as well as Soviet military advisors.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information