Daily Archives: May 8, 2019

Anseba Governor conducts inspection tour

Keren, The Governor of Anseba region, Mr. Ali Mahmud on 5 May conducted tour of inspection to the construction of 35km long dirt road interlinking Hawash, Erota, Eran and Asneda in Asmat sub zone.

Mr. Ali was provided briefing by …

Migrant death ship to be shown at Venice art fair

The remains of the worst-known Mediterranean migrant shipwreck, in which up to 900 people died, will be exhibited at the prestigious Venice Biennale art fair this week.

The blue and red fishing boat was carrying almost 1,000 people when it …

Eritrea, China commit to building mutually beneficial relations

Foreign Ministers of Eritrea and China met in Beijing on Monday (May 6) with both sides committing to a mutually beneficial relation to both countries.

Eritrea and China stand ready to build a healthy and strong partnership for the benefit …

parliamentary news) Human rights situation in Eritrea

The Federal Government sees the 2018 agreements between Eritrea and Ethiopia as an “important step towards peace between the two countries and, beyond that, to the political stabilization and economic development of the region”. As you in the answer (19/9806